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Art for Healing:

Process Difficult Emotions After Trauma 

8-Week Virtual 1:1 Program


Are you feeling overwhelmed, holding all the emotions at the same time?

After a traumatic event, we can often feel a range of emotions: grief, sorrow, depression, shame among others.

These can feel disruptive and overwhelming, and it can feel difficult to know how to deal with them.

Imagine If...

You could develop artful skills to process trauma, grief and difficult emotions.

You could gain artful skills to manage stress effectively and build emotional resilience.

You could work through emotional pain and find healing.

You could feel empowered to Self-Compassionately manage your emotions.

You CAN gain tools to process the bitter-sweetness of life.


Let’s go on a journey of healing, self-discovery and insight so that you can once again live your life feeling joyful and balanced. You’ll learn how to incorporate more art into your daily meditations and reflections.


This is THE program to be in if you want to learn to use art and writing to process your overwhelming emotions. 

Inside the Program, you'll receive:

Weekly 1:1, 75 minute sessions 

-1:1 attention and guidance to work through your emotions and find relief


Mindful Exercise Workbook

-to keep up with mindful art practices and feel grounded on a daily basis


Email me questions outside of session

(answered on Thursdays)

-to have extra support and share how your mindful art practices are feeling for you


Template for tracking daily emotions

(before and after mindful art exercises)

- to chart your self-discovery and growth

(No previous art experience necessary. We'll use easy-to-acquire materials.)

Weekly Topics:

Week 1- Line Drawing Breathwork & Relief Book Compilation to gain Stress Reduction tools

Week 2- Landscape Drawings to identify and modify feelings


Week 3- Multi-Layered Artwork to understand the diversity of my Feelings & my Toleration level


Week 4- Collage Paintings to explore the combinations of my Pain & Happiness


Week 5- Monoprint Painting to understand Depression

Week 6- Oil Pastel texture artworks to reduce shame & guilt by improving Self-Respect


Week 7- Greeting Card Design to validate my Losses & increase Self-Compassion

Week 8- Paper Collage to explore how difficult Emotions affect daily Functioning & Create future Goals

It is my complete joy to facilitate these classes, giving you a space to contemplate, process and even grow.    -Samantha

Book a 15 minute Zoom call to breifly get to know each other, ask any questions you may have and see if the Program is a good fit for you!

Book one free 45 minute therapeutic art class!

It's a great way to see if it's a good fit for you.

Hi, I’m Samantha!

I’m a Therapeutic Arts Facilitator and nature lover who loves to help people process difficult emotions through guided art-making and writing!


After studying psychology in 2011, I supported survivors of trauma within various crisis centers. I witnessed that art-making was therapeutic to both survivors and to myself and found a lot of neuroscience to back it up. In 2018, I began creating regularly & Samantha Lesan Art was born.

Possessing a passion for heart healing, I host thoughtful, therapeutic arts classes in my community that build resilience and allow processing of emotions for further healing in a supportive, respectful environment. Activities include a variety of mindfulness, painting, creative writing, collage and more.

And inside the online 8-week Program, I’ll show you how you too can develop artful skills to process trauma, grief and difficult emotions self-compassionately.

This Program is NOW OPEN!

This Membership is Perfect for: 

Individuals who:

-Want to Self-Compassionately manage their emotions using art

-Want to use art to process emotional trauma and find healing

-Want to build emotional resilience with effective artistic tools

-Are ready to implement the Program & are committed to their personal growth


Book a 15 minute Zoom call to breifly get to know each other, ask any questions you may have and see if the Program is a good fit for you!

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I look forward to connecting with you!

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