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I came in feeling stuck & distressed and I walked out hopeful and inspired by my newly shifted perspective."  -E

Guided arts and journaling to promote
emotional resilience after hardship.

(No prior art experience necessary. Located in Hutto, Texas, USA)

What are the skills needed to cope with unforeseen hardship?

How can you find a way to express feelings that can't be put into words?

Where can you find creative pathways toward hopefulness and well-being?

These art classes are designed to help you discover some of the answers to these questions.

Self-healing and creativity are natural human processes that can help you to cope, express feelings and work toward well-being.

Everyone has a different healing journey, but whatever path you follow, we believe it will be illuminated by these activities. Know that the images and words that emerge from these art experiences are your own and can provide you with a creative direction to wellness.

Healing is not a solitary process. Everyone, no matter how self-sufficient, needs someone to listen and care. For this reason, we recommend you find the appropriate people to encourage, support and inspire you as you begin on your healing path. Maybe it will include this group!

No prior art experience is necessary. Only a willingness to try new ways of expressing yourself.


This series will be held most Mondays this fall from 6:30-8:30PM at The Bird House at Simple Sparrow Care Farm in Hutto, Texas.

These classes are donation based, but registration is required before you arrive. We will use a variety of art mediums: sometimes paint, sometimes oil pastels, sometimes collage... Embrace the surprise!


There will be 3 types of classes:

Basic Stress Management Tools:

September 11    October 2    November 6


Emotional Resiliency after Hardship:

September 18    October 9 & 16    November 13 & 20


Observe & Vision-Cast How I Show Up in Life:

October 23    November 27     December 4


It is recommended that you attend a Basic Tools class before attending an Emotion Resiliency or Vision-Casting class. It will help ground you before venturing deeper.

Come to a few classes, or all. They will gradually build on each other, so attending as many as possible will enrich the experience and tools learned, as well as foster community. 

One participant shared: "I came in feeling stuck & distressed and I walked out hopeful and inspired by my newly shifted perspective."

Another said: "This experience allowed me to see that we have more power over feelings than we sometimes realize, and they are often fluid and moving, much like the paint was in this exercise."

It is my complete joy to facilitate these classes, providing a space to contemplate, process and grow. I look forward to meeting you!   -Samantha


Learn more about the mission of Simple Sparrow Care Farm at:

Learn more about Samantha Lesan Art & Classes at:


Samantha has spent 8+ years working in crisis and recovery centers using trauma-informed care practices. She adores using art for healing purposes and for the expression of emotion beyond words. She facilitates classes as a guide & peer support, not as an expert.

Disclaimer: This service is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, therapy or treatment. Always seek the advice of your mental health professional or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your condition. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or heard in our material or classes.

The resources given are not designed to practice medicine or give professional medical advice, including, without limitation, medical direction concerning someone's medical and mental health. Any resources given are not to be considered complete and does not cover all issues related to mental and physical health. In addition, any information given should not replace consultation with your doctor or any other mental health providers and/or specialists.

I'm not sure this is a good fit, can we chat about it?

Can I take individual classes virtually?

Absolutely. I tailor classes & courses to meet your needs using minimal art supplies that you may already have at home. 

Paints and Brush

Can I join a virtual Art for Healing group?

I'm currently gathering individuals into groups from all over the globe. Tell me a bit about what intrigues you in the above class description. Also, what time zone do you live in?

We'd love to have you!


"I had the most peaceful and rejuvenating experience! Gazing out over the hilly landscape at sunset as the farm animals roam is truly stunning. The mindfulness exercise was grounding and prepared me to creatively engage my senses. Samantha facilitates the class beautifully, making you feel so comfortable to explore your emotions honestly. The activities combined with the company and setting are just perfection. I'm so thankful for our time there."   -A


Former Crisis Support turned Artist

After studying psychology, Samantha supported survivors of trauma within various crisis centers in Seattle, WA. She witnessed that art-making was therapeutic to both survivors & to herself & found a lot of neuroscience to back it up.


Samantha hosts thoughtful, therapeutic arts classes that build emotional resilience and allow processing of emotions for further healing in a supportive, respectful environment. Activities include a variety of mindfulness, painting, creative writing, collage and more.

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