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About the Artist

Viewing both the creation of nature and the creation of art as an act of Love is a key force that helps my art become known by those who need it, a breath of fresh air to weary individuals.

Early on, visual expression became a growing obsession. Since childhood, the desire to create and paint to express myself was present. For years into adulthood, I painted with my hands with dramatic strokes to express the emotive colors and images in my mind. In 2017, I discovered fluid painting to be an additional outlet for self expression and actively taught myself. I strive to continue developing my painting techniques through experimentation and classes.

The colors and images in my mind are often influenced by nature and emotion. I choose color based on what resonates with me at the time or what I desire to communicate. I am often inspired by the beautiful lines, patterns and abstractions in nature, as well as theological ideas and spiritual experiences. The designs in which I move the paint are both intuitive and planned, a beautiful marriage of both control and spontaneity. I love the experience of painting fluidly and using gravity to flow and layer paint. I also layer washes of color, exploring the essence of light on paper, as light shines through clouds. I adore the endless possibilities of interacting varying viscosities of pigment into unique outcomes that mimic the natural environment. 


After studying psychology at the University of Washington, I spent the next eight years supporting survivors of trauma within social and crisis services in Seattle. These men and women inspired me as they shared their stories of escaping danger and allowed me to be present while they learned to create a life in which they are safe to pursue their dreams. They, as well as my own personal story of healing and growth, have empowered me to create art which celebrates thriving life. My hope is that my work inspires joy and hope in you, reminding you that you are loved.


Curriculum Vitae

Group Exhibitions​


Georgetown Palace Theatre, TX

Georgetown Art Center Gift Shop, TX



Georgetown Fall Art Stroll, TX

Solo Exhibitions


Café Cesura, Bellevue, WA

Fremont Art Walk, Seattle, WA​


Studio 229, Seattle, WA

Edmonds Art Walk, WA​


Voyage Austin Magazine


Artist Studios

Artists @816, Georgetown, TX, 2021-2022

Artspawn, Redmond, WA, 2020



Art to Heal a Heart with Ange Miller



University of Washington

Bachelors of Psychology

Minor in Diversity

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