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The Way of Grief

The Way of Grief


Grief. Have you gone through it? It can represent many things. Death, a cross-country move, a transition, a life change. The loss of a relationship, even if it's a hurtful one and the loss is for the better, there is still a grief that follows. This artwork makes space to gently hold grief. To make room for acknowledging it so that we can heal.


The BitterSweet Art Collection

Art creates a wonderful visual language to process and express emotions beyond words. The colors and images in my mind are often influenced by nature and emotion. In the BitterSweet Collection I use earthy, gritty organic mixed media to communicate the emotional BitterSweetness of life. Earthy turmeric, paprika and natural amber shellac are gritty but beautiful in their own right. The muted colors communicate sadness, while the large expressive marks communicate energy and even joy. The ways in which I move the paint are both intuitive and planned, a beautiful marriage of both control and spontaneity.

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    All prints are made on archival canvas and paper. Feel confident that you're getting a quality product.

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